Having trouble with Blocked Websites?

Noiders - Having trouble with blocked websites?

How many times did you try to visit a website just for watching your favorite artist's new video clip or for chatting with your friends, for making a comment on your favorit blog site or even check your emails and you came accross with a "Access Denied" warning?

Do you think that's a glitch from the server? Or it's a problem coming from your internet service provider? The answer is No!

School students, college students, webmasters or even workers face the same problem in daily basis again and again due to webfilters and firewalls that keep them locked out from their favorite websites. Solution? The majority of them found their freedom on public proxy websites.

Having in mind how important internet is for the majority of you and how frustrating it can become the lack of access due to webfilters, firewalls and other programs/scripts that block users' access we came across with a revolutionary concept and that's why we developed Noiders.

What is Noiders?

Noiders is the first and only proxy users' community that rewards its members with premium proxy services in order to help them bypass webfilters that keep them blocked. If you thought that premium proxy services cost money then you are wrong! Our incentive based system is designed in order to help you get premium proxy services for FREE.

How does Noiders work?

As we mentioned above the premium proxy services that we give to our members are FREE of charge. You probably wonder "How is it possible to give something that costs money to you for Free to your members?" We managed to bypass this obstacle by designing and developing an incentive system that can cover all the operating expenses and give you the premium proxy services that you want for free.

It's pretty simple.

All you have to do is to collect NC (Noider Coins), NC is the "currency" that we use on our site.

You can get NC by taking free surveys or completing free Offers. The more surveys you take and the more offers you complete the more NC you collect.
Once you have enough NC you can choose among our premium proxy services and get your reward.

What are the Noiders Rewards?

You can choose among the following rewards:

We are here to help you regain your online privacy, bypass webfilters and surf online anonymously.

This is who we are and that's why we are here.