The advantages of having a private proxy site

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So you want to update your profile status but you can't because webfilters blocks you?

Most of you would open a new tab on your browser, visit a search engine and write down "fresh proxy site" in order to find a fresh and unblocked proxy site to use.

That's so oldschool...

You don't have to waste your time anymore looking for fresh proxy sites which most of them happen to get blocked from the first couple of weeks from their release and tend to be full of spammy ads.

You can have your very own private proxy site with your own username and password and use it whenever and from wherever you like.

We will only mention a couple advantages of having a private proxy site and that's because their advantages are endless!

You shall prefer a private proxy site because:

  • It has NO spammy ads.
  • It has NO pop ads.
  • It has NO popunder ads.
  • It has no ads at all!!!
  • It will hardly ever get blocked.
  • You are the only one who is going to use it.
  • You have your own username and password.
  • You can have as private proxy sites as you want.
  • There are NO page surfing restrictions. Meaning you can surf as many pages as you want.
  • There is NO speed limit. Meaning you will get the maximum of the streaming and download speed.

It's time to stop wasting your time looking around for fresh and unblocked proxy sites and get your own private proxy site!