Private Proxy Sites

Private Proxy Sites

What's proxy users first choice for unblocking those blocked websites? Of course Proxy Sites.

For more than 10 years proxy websites have been the first choise for all of the online users who wanted to avoid or bypass webfiters, firewalls and country based restrictions and get on their favorite websites. Either if that it was for just watching videos, chatting with their friends on the social websites, reading the news, making comments on their favorite blogs etc..

Without exaggeration proxy sites are probably the best solution for school students and college students who want to surf online on their free time from school or college. They are an excellent way to bypass webfilters at work (that's for the workers) while having the lunch break and watch some funny videos or even for webmasters.Even so proxy sites have their own pros and cons. Some of them are:

  • Free to use (at least most of them)
  • Based on different kind of scripts
  • Numerous to choose from
  • Different server locations
  • Too many ads on them
  • Not all of them works
  • They are get banned constantly
  • Non all of them are fast loading
  • Some of them ban users from some countries
What's the best way to reduce all those cons? It's having a private proxy site. A private proxy site is a "clean", meaning a no ads proxy site, based on a specific proxy script,faster,harder to get caught by webfilters and with private access. By having a private proxy site you are sure about it's speed, stability, and that's because only you are going to have access on it (unless if you give to someone else your username/password to have access on it).

A Private Proxy Site is by far the best choice for you who want to bypass webfilters and surf fast and anonymously online.

Http & Socket Proxies

Http & Socket Proxies

An alternative way to bypass webfilters and firewalls is the usage of http or socket proxies. There is a difference between http proxies socket proxies and regular proxy sites. With http & socket proxies you don't have to visit a proxy site and enter the url of the site that you want to visit. On the contrary you can setup your browser or your router to connect directly to the proxy ip.

Http Proxies

HTTP proxy is actually a proxy server which allowes you to work online with HTTP. Like just the rest of the proxy servers it can carry out all of the caching infos downloaded from the internet.

Socket Proxies

Socket proxy is a protocol which can work with anyother socket protocols like Socket4 and Socket5. The sock proxy simply transfers directly data from a client to a server.

The majority of those kind of proxies can be used by proxy users as well as from webmasters who want to increase theirs sites backlinks with whitehat - greyhat and blackhat technics. Those proxies can be used as well for craiglist, scrapebox, xrumer, sicksubmitter, bookmarkwiz, clicking agent, click faker and other black hat scripts.

Premium Proxy Hosting

Premium Proxy Hosting

If you want to get into proxy business for good and start your own proxy network in order to make some money from it then there is one thing for sure that you are going to need.

That's hosting.

Not just regular hosting, as not all of the hosting providers allow proxy sites to be hosted on their servers. You will need a reliable proxy hosting service. Keep in mind that uptime is one of the most important things that you have to consider when you enter into proxy business and you don't want to have downtimes.

If you are not sure if proxy bussiness is for you and you don't want to invest your money from the first minute then we have the solution for you. You can try the Premium Proxy Hosting that we offer to our members with collaboration with our hosting partner xProxyHost.

ProxyNoid Credits

ProxyNoid Credits So you decided to enter into the proxy business and create your own proxy network. You know that proxies need traffic (visitors) in order to generate money for you from the ads that you placed on them. So you need traffic but not just general any kind of traffic, you need targeted traffic from proxy users.

That's where ProxyNoid Proxy Promotional Service comes to help you with. You can get your Free ProxyNoid credits from Noiders and use them in order to promote your proxy sites into ProxyNoid's network and get traffic from it.

You shall know that with ProxyNoid credits you can also create and run your own banner based (125x125, 250x250, 300x250, 468x60 and 728x90) advertisments campaign on ProxyNoid's advertising platform. You can select to advertise your Multi Level Marketing site or services, promote Affiliate products, advertise your downline list,your proxy site etc..